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Get Wise, and build your personal brand online!

Not just another WordPress blogging theme, we’re a community of creators who get it done.

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Not Just Another WordPress Blogging Theme

Rather a simplified learning tool built by bloggers for bloggers.

The Wise Theme for WordPress was built by experienced bloggers who understand the complexities of starting a blog. Wise theme streamlines your needs so you can focus on learning the basics while also creating your foundational blog content.

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Designed to save you time.

From the creator of the Blog You Want in the Time You Have™ Podcast.

Wise Theme was designed for simplicity so you can focus on what matters. Shape your content any way you want by adding your own photos and make something that best represents your personal brand.

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Tools to grow your authority

Wise Theme is a platform for going from zero to hero!

Learn from the Wise Theme community of pro bloggers and content strategists on how to maximize your blogging efforts and grow your visibility online so you can achieve authority within your target space.

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Get a gorgeous self-hosted blog without the stress and complexity of selecting the “right” theme.  The Wise Theme is all you need to get started, focus and create the foundational content you need to launch your personal brand online.

Wise Theme Demo Sites

Scott Winterroth Blog Demo

Personal Brand blog of Scott Winterroth, founder of Wise Theme.

Dave Kohl Blog Demo

Podcast website, using the Wise Theme in a podcast application.

Join our mission to simplify and educate… While growing your personal brand authority!


Questions about blogging or feedback?

Contact the Wise Theme Team and we’ll respond in a jiffy:

I’m just getting started, Is this a good fit?

Absolutely, the Wise Theme platform was designed to help get your blog off the ground with help from experienced bloggers who can show you the way.

I’m creating a podcast, can I use Wise Theme?

Yes, Wise Theme works well with some of the popular WordPress podcasting plugins so it’s a great way to get started quickly.

Why do I need hosting?

Wise Theme is powered by the open-source version of WordPress. You must have a hosting service in order to use WordPress. The bonus is, you own all of your data and the theme, so you can easily move to another hosting platform if you wish.

I have a blog on another platform such as Blogger or Medium.

Welcome!  We can work with you to migrate your existing blog content to the Wise Theme hosted platform so you can use WordPress and keep your existing content.

I want to be a part of the Wise Program but I already have a theme.

Excellent! Please consider applying for the Wise Theme Accelerator Program but also consider using our theme if you’re looking for instruction on how to leverage WordPress.

Can I make style changes to the Wise Theme?

Yes, you can make some change to the theme and custom development services are available to members who are looking for anything outside of the standard tweak. But for maximum training power, we recommend making this type of adjustment after you have your “feet wet” a bit.